The terrorism at Manawan police training school seems to have mobilised locals as never before. The only terrorist captured after the blood bath was an act of citizen's arrest and not the achievement of the Punjab administration. Even the footage of two terrorists scaling the police compound wall in their great escape from the crime scene was actually the result of citizen's journalism and not any remarkable feet of police surveillance. We hear that two suspects had been admitted into services hospital along with injured police trainees and the matter of their custody had become a bone of contention between the police and MI. Apparently the two suspects disappeared mysteriously. Now was that a case of citizens/terrorist escape or did one of the agencies assert itself and make off with the terrorists? * * * * * * * * * * Art for art sake, it no longer is. Established artists have made a killing with the growing art awareness among the moneyed classes. Recently the Punjab Governor's daughter opened an art gallery and made more money than her Dad. Last month artist Shahid Jalal whose marketing abilities are as fine tuned as his artistic techniques, introduced the imported idea of an internet auction of his "garden series", immortalizing the grand old lady Tahira Mazhar Ali's poolside garden. The money from the sales is donated to Citizen's Foundation, an NGO doing remarkable work in the area of free education for under-privileged children. We hear the art market is so lucrative that closet artist belonging to the upper crust of society, like Azhar Hayat Noon and Badar Moinuddin are also going public and exhibiting their talents in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. With art galleries mushrooming in the bigger cities it is becoming the artists' market and as we find, there is no shortage of talent, cash even of debutant artists.