As jialas favourite slogan goes 'aik Zardari sub pay bhari' (one Zardari outweighs all), President Asif Ali Zardari in his address to the Joint Sitting of the Parliament on Monday rather performed as 'all in one. He did start his speech from a head of the states pedestal when he congratulated the entire Parliament as well as the nation over the consensus on the constitutional reforms. But, suddenly, he was carried away with his friendship when he singled out Law Minister Babar Awan to thank him for what he termed 'cooperation with the Constitutional Reform Committee. Since he is also widely known as friend of friends, Zardari did not miss his other closest friend namely Interior Minister Rehman Malik and he rather bracketed his by-name appreciation with that of the Armed Forces, paramilitary troops, and other law enforcement apparatus. After paying his friends in terms of tributes and thanks, he appeared to be a mere spokesman of the Government rather than maintaining his posture as head of the state marking the beginning of Parliaments third year by addressing the joint sitting as a constitutional norm. By all means it was not for the President of Pakistan to reiterate, once again, what the PPP Government had inherited including fragile economy, power crisis, etc., and what it managed to do during the last couple of years. Still he had some utterances to make in his capacity of all the more important defacto head of the ruling PPP. To discharge his responsibility as co-chairman of the PPP, perhaps, he recalled the achievements of the party during its first tenure in power under its founder and former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. At the same time, he exercised his personal right to assert himself as legal heir of the good great Bhuttos by saying, As the custodian of their legacy I have my eyes on history. By standing in their shadows today and empowering the Parliament, I hope to walk into the annals of history, Inshallah. President Zardari and his jiala ministers, however, could not match the timing for the post-event sloganeering, a typical practice of the PPP. Zardari did wait for some moments looking at members of the Parliament when Speaker National Assembly Dr Fahmida Mirza had returned to her chamber after reading out of the prorogation order. Shagufta Jumani and Mehreen Anwar Raja did understand the meaning of momentous pause of the President but it was too late by then. They started chanting the 'Jiay (live long) Bhutto slogan but they were late by seconds if not moments and nobody responded to them. Of late Interior Minister Rahman Malik also joined them and tried to prompt others as well but it could not work as they ostensibly wished to make it a pro-Bhutto sloganeering scene in the National Assembly. Outside the Parliament, the nanve public perception about President Zardaris speech was evident from a text message received at the cell phone of a fellow journalist who is widely considered to be reasonably close to the President. The journalist readout the message (SMS) in Parliament cafeteria in a bid to make a joke out of it, but it was quite a serious reflection of the commoners perception. The journalist narrated the message in so many words, Brother, pl get my work done at the earliest as the President is going to be powerless.