LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Finance Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has said that simplicity and austerity drive would continue in all departments and our government would not allow spending more money as allocated in budget. According to an official handout, he expressed these views while presiding over a high level meeting held to review non-development expenditures and austerity measures at the committee room of Finance department on Monday. The Minister said that the government as well as the nation would have to adopt austerity and saving of today would be utilized for the welfare of people tomorrow so that we could allocate more funds for public welfare oriented projects by reducing our expenditures. He said that no department would be allowed to spend more funds than the allocated in the budget. He said that the government has banned all un-necessary expenditure but only in emergency case supplementary grants would be issued while the purchase of luxury items would not be allowed. Secretary Finance and other senior concerned officers also attended the meeting.