ISLAMABAD Pair of the national stars of two arch rival countries Pakistan and India, Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza said, jointly in a press conference, on Monday that the baseless allegations of a first wife could not affect their wending plan. While answering a question, she said that it was shocking news for her about the recent controversy of Maliks first marriage with Ayesha Siddiqui. I was shocked and upset. However, we are from respectable families. No one will want to listen against her and her future husband, she said. But as an Indian woman, its my responsibility to support him and get his name cleared from these allegations. This is very painful for me and I was not expecting this. The controversy is for 'cheap publicity. We know what the truth is and it will come out. We believe in justice. And I have full faith in him, she viewed. Sania further said that there was no marriage, so there was no question of divorce or out-of-the-court settlement. The chief Qazi has said a telephone 'Nikaah is not valid. If the court proves him wrong, then he will take action accordingly, she stated. When she was asked if the controversy would affect their marital life, Sania said, Shoaib never kept me in dark. I was always aware of the truth. So there is no question of any apprehensions on our marriage. As for now, I am a bit upset, but also happy that we are together and getting married, Indian tennis star asserted. Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik said that he would cooperate with the police and the Indian Government to restore his respect. I am here to clear my name. I am not leaving the country. I have earned my respect with a lot of hard work and will do anything to win it back, he added.