PUNE (India) Sir Alec Bedser, the oldest surviving England Test cricketer, who died at the age on 91 in England on Sunday night, was often mistaken for his identical twin brother Eric, but had a bowling style all of his own. Sharing some less known facts on twin bothers, Kersi Meher-Homji, the author of many cricket best-sellers like The Waugh Twins, Six Appeal and Crickets Great All-rounders, and a cricket expert on The Roar website, says, Sir Alec Bedser will be remembered for his large frame, huge hands, mischievous sense of humour and big heart rather than loud appeals. The only time he appealed with anguish was as a baby, when his mother fed his identical twin brother Eric (ten minutes older) twice, ignoring a roaring hungry Alec With the twins looking identical (till Eric passed away in 2006), even their friends found it difficult to pick them with certainty. Their identical appearance enabled them to carry out jocular deceptions on most. In 1948, the MCC team was sailing to South Africa Alec as a player and Eric as a journalist. When a woman passenger who had been drinking non-stop for three days saw the Bedser twins together, uttered a shrill shriek and rushed to the cabin, convinced she was seeing double, Kersi Meher- Homji writes. Recalling another incident, Kersi Meher-Homji states, A barber in Sydney did no better two years later. When Eric went for a haircut a day after Alec, he exclaimed, Gee, your hair grows fast Interestingly, both brothers have a record of bowling the same over without the knowledge of batsmen or umpires. Against Old England at the Oval in 1947, Alec bowled the first three balls to Frank Woolley and Eric completed the remaining over. The batsman never noticed the difference, but turned to the keeper and remarked, Hes got a wonderful change of pace, Isnt it ?