LAHORE - Divulging more details of the alleged plan by a few army generals to rescue former prime minister ZA Bhutto from jail, former Punjab governor Mustafa Khar told The Nation on Monday that Benazir Bhutto had not opposed the idea but it could not be implemented because the information was leaked to intelligence agencies due to mishandling of the matter. Khar, who was considered very close to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto at that time, further told this scribe that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was also contacted by her brother Mir Murtaza to inform her about the secret plan to liberate their father, but the information was leaked before it could be executed. Khar had earlier said at a news channel on Sunday that some army generals had planned to save Bhuttos life through a rescue operation involving airlifting of the late prime minister from jail and shifting him to Afghanistan by a helicopter. Khar also stated that those generals wanted to do so to save the army from the blame of killing an elected prime minister, and almost all close relatives of the late Bhutto including Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Shahnawaz Bhutto and Sanam Bhutto had agreed to the proposal. Khar said Mir Murtaza Bhutto had tried to take his sister Benazir Bhutto into confidence about the whole affair through telephone, but intelligence agencies taped the conversation. He clarified he did not say in the interview with the news channel that Benazir Bhutto had opposed the idea of airlifting ZA Bhutto from the jail. She might have agreed, but the plan was abandoned since we could not maintain the secrecy due to ill planning, he confessed, adding had the information been conveyed to Benazir Bhutto through a special messenger, and not through telephone, the plan would have remained a secret and executed. In that case, he added, we were ready to take 30 per cent risk involved in the rescue plan. He said he later came to know that anti-aircraft guns had been fixed on rooftop of the jail in which Bhutto had been imprisoned. Khar, however, did not divulge names of the two army generals who had prepared the plan to save Bhutto. He did not agree with certain assertion that army in fact wanted to kill ZA Bhutto during the operation which was allegedly to be launched and later put the balm on Al-Zulfikar. Kher disagreed with the suggestion, saying he knew those generals personally and it could not be expected of them to deceive Bhutto family through such a plan. They were men of integrity and could not think of killing Bhutto by fraudulent means. They just wanted to save the army from the blame of prosecuting a prime minister, he remarked. When asked why he had chosen this time to come up with such a revelation about the rescue plan, Khar said he wanted to dispel the impression that Pakistan army as a whole supported hanging of Bhutto. In his view, army was sharply divided over Bhuttos judicial murder as majority did not want this to happen and take the blame.