ISLAMABAD The Government is seeking further extension in the date of publication of UN Commissions report on Benazir Bhuttos assassination and 'intensive deliberations are underway in this regard, it is credibly learnt. According to details, Presidency wanted the UN to delay the publication of the report till June or even beyond. The Government wants to linger this issue till July or June at least, for the 'dust to settle informed quarters confided to this journalist. Secretive 'pressure tactics are being used to influence United Nations to review its decision to give a further delay in the submission of UNs findings to the Secretary General regarding Benazir Bhuttos assassination. The purpose of this exercise is to avert the possible criticism some key position holders within Pakistans corridors of powers are likely to face in the wake of the publication of UN Commissions findings, by keeping the issue lingering. The Commissions findings would much possibly land some key individuals grabbing the lucrative power slots at the Government level in trouble due to their suspicious role and failure to go by the responsibilities entrusted on them regarding BBs security and protection. Although no formal request has been made to the United Nations, yet 'all-out informal efforts are underway on part of the Government to linger the issue further, a step that has already drew wide criticism from media, diplomatic quarters, and circles within the UN. The Government intends to make any formal request only after it is sure that UN would accommodate the Governments request, which is unlikely to happen again. Back on March 30, when UN Commission was to submit its findings, the Government did not adopt any formal channel to request UN SG to delay the Reports submission and the matter was reportedly 'settled through informal verbal requests. Later, as according to this newspapers information, a backdated request letter was issued by the government to give official flavour to the matter. It was the same letter that Interior Minister Rehman Malik referred to, while talking to media in Naudero the other day, saying that Government had sent a letter to UN suggesting the international body to 'incorporate the pending reports from UAE and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Maliks illogical assertion that the government did not make any request to UN seeking delay in UN Commissions Report adds further to Governments frustration about the matter, despite that the UN has officially cited President Zardaris request for UN SGs decision to extend Reports publication for two weeks. Unlike the previous occasion, the international organisation this time is not likely to oblige the Government of Pakistan on this particular matter that pretexts heated controversy regarding the motives of incumbent government and puts UNs credibility at stake at the same time.