w President Zardari declared April 5 as Benazir day, a Benazir moment. w History made by restoring the 1973 Constitution and bringing historic constitutional reforms package in the parliament. w President congratulated every member of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms and the nation can take pride in it as it has closed the sorry chapter. w Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will remain alive in history for standing up to the militants, despite threats and warnings, not only from ordinary people but also from heads of governments. w For stability and development, each organ of the state must work within the parameters of the Constitution. w PPP government believes in reconciliation, and not confrontation. w The government took some very difficult decisions to stabilise the economy. w Foreign exchange reserves have increased and the Karachi Stock Exchange has made impressive gains, without any artificial inducements. w Remittances have increased by nearly 25 per cent a year due to new incentives. Remittances in one month, exceeded 800 million dollars in last September. w A new policy of public-private partnership has been adopted. International credit rating agencies have upgraded Paki stan. w The government has achieved international financial respectability despite all the obstacles. - After long years, the NFC Award was finalised with consensus. - - The government has set up a Commission on Missing Persons. - Political reforms have been launched in Gilgit Baltistan. - A woman has been appointed Governor Gilgit-Baltistan in the name of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. - The government introduced Benazir Income Support Programme to break the cycle of poverty. - An effective strategy has been evolved to overcome power shortages. - Government raised the water issue with India and will continue to raise it at every international forum, within the terms of the Indus Water Treaty. - The government enacted legislation against the harassment of women at the workplace and the job quota for women has been increased. - Government believes in transparent accountability of all. - After consultations with the stakeholders, reforms in FATA and amendments to the FCR have been finalised. - UN Commission of Inquiry in the assassination of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will submit its report very soon. - Now a worker can no longer be dismissed from service for no reason. - Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme has been introduced. - The government will continue to fight militancy. - Sovereignty of Pakistan has been protected and it will be safeguarded at all costs. - Nation is proud of the sacrifices made by the members of the armed forces, para-military forces, police and specially the citizens in fighting militancy. - Modalities of giving the right to vote to Pakistanis abroad will soon be finalised. - 87 per cent of the population has been issued computerised national identity cards. - Government is committed to upholding the freedom of media. - Government has enhanced the pay scales, allowances and perks of members of judiciary. - Relationship with China remains the bedrock of our foreign policy. - Pakistan has improved relations with all countries in the region. - For durable peace, Pakistan considers it essential to normalise relations with India. - Pakistan values its relations with all Muslim countries. - Partnerships with the United States and Europe have strengthened over the past year. - The strategic dialogue with the United States aimed at addressing core issues of Pakistan.