Though every member of the PPP lead government is committed to defend President Zardari against all allegations, some are more so than others. Fauzia Wahab is one, Babar Awan another and Asma Arbab yet another. The most outstanding of the lot, though, is one Faisal Abidi. The other day in a TV programme, he was furious with the President of the SCBA. The President of SCBA had said somewhere that all those sitting in Parliament are corrupt. The statement is not too far from the truth but Mr Abidi was livid and repeatedly told the anchorperson, Tell him to talk to me, tell him to talk to me. What he was trying to assert was that he was not corrupt. Well, even if we, for a moment, agree that he is not corrupt, the way he assiduously defends and protects his mentors certainly makes him corrupt. An honest man would never defend someone corrupt or one having a bad reputation. -SAYYID ABID RATHOR, Mianwali, March 5