ISLAMABAD Pakistan said on Monday that despite having adequate indigenous expertise to sustain national nuclear safety and security systems, it would continue to benefit from IAEAs relevant programmes on nuclear security consistent with national policies and interests. This was decided during 17th meeting of the National Command Authority (NCA) chaired by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. It was the second meeting of the NCA with the Prime Minister in the chair. The meeting reviewed policies and measures in place for the safety and security of nuclear materials and facilities and expressed full confidence in the arrangements for custodial controls and safety and security of Pakistans strategic assets and the effectiveness of Pakistans strategic deterrence. The meeting reviewed as a nuclear weapon state with advanced nuclear technology and expertise, Pakistan was fully cognizant of its responsibilities. The nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation measures put in place by Pakistan were supported by extensive legislative, regulatory and administrative framework. The meeting also underscored the need for exploring all options to ensure a reliable energy mix to meet rapidly expanding energy requirements of the country, therefore, the civil nuclear power generation was an essential part of the national energy security strategy. It noted that Pakistan fully qualifies for equal participation in civil nuclear cooperation at the international level with more than 35 years experience of operating nuclear power plants, highly trained manpower and a well-established safety and security culture. Since the nuclear safety and security as well as safeguards are vehicles for facilitating international civil nuclear cooperation, the meeting emphasised the need for a non-discriminatory approach for international cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in order to realise the objectives of non-proliferation and nuclear safety and security.