ISLAMABAD(Online) - PPP-AJK has decided to table no-confidence motion against AJK PM, Raja Farooq Haider and Treasury members have given green signal to PPP in this regard. According to sources of PPP, the leadership of the party has convened an urgent meeting of the party today and many important decisions are likely to be taken in the meeting. The sources said that 10 Ministers of AJK Government have announced to support PPP on tabling of no-confidence motion against AJK PM and the motion to be tabled in session of AJK Legislative Assembly in next few days. According to sources, President of ruling party Muslim Conference, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan has also refused to support Raja Farooq Haider. On the other hand, AJK PM Raja Farooq Haider is facing severe criticism among government and public circles after his decision to suspend AJK Chief Justice. Farooq Haider has intensified his contacts to save his slot of PM. The decision taken by President AJK to withdraw reference against AJK Chief Justice is also gaining the commendation of public. Meanwhile, the judicial crisis of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir has been converted into Constitutional and political crisis while AJK PM has lost his reputation even among his party Ministers.