KARACHI - The ruling coalition partners, PPP and MQM may not reach on mutual draft of new Local Government Law 2010 as both sides are not flexible to accept each others suggestions so far, sources told The Nation on Monday. The draft of 'Sindh Local Government (amendment) Act 2010 prepared by ruling PPP, has been handed over to the coalition partners, MQM, ANP and PML-F, for their input but they did not develop consensus to hold local governments elections on new law. Though, the time to hold elections has been extended to 165 days, showing election period in coming month of August and early September. However, both sides have not resumed the dialogue due to hectic activities like death anniversary of the PPPs founder Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. A senior leader of PPP who is part of the Core Committee which is negotiating the MQM on local govt told The Nation that time to hold LG elections is fast approaching but he is confident that elections may not held in August or September because the weather will not suitable for the elections. Meanwhile, the PPP in its draft law proposing changes in the nomenclature of the local government system has suggested District Chairman instead of the current post of the District Nazims. The ruling party which is sitting on driving seat in Sindh government has also suggested cut in the powers of district governments including exclusion of the provincial departments from local govts purview and reduction in the posting of officers and hiring employees. This scribe has also read the draft law of PPP, prepared during two months back in February 2010, which props shrunk in the powers and functions of the local governments. However, the powers to impose taxes and other levies are suggested to withdraw from the local governments, sources said, adding that development works must come under the purview of the provincial government, PPP suggested. Sources said that PPP had suggested that functions and powers such as prevention and cure of diseases, registration of birth and death, provision and maintenance of private and public latrines and urinals and other minor functions should be remained on the disposal of the local governments. Furthermore, to provide, maintain and regulate water supply, regulation and controlling of private sources of water supply, which come within the municipal limits, are also been suggested for the local governments. Sources told The Nation that MQM while in the conclusion of its draft law presented to the Core Committee of PPP, has said that it is unable to support the proposed Act 2010 as is promises flagrantly violates the spirit of democratic decentralisation as contemplated in the Constitution. The MQM thus proposes its own draft which is based on the concept of the empowerment in the prevalent Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001. Sources said that the MQM in its 234 pages draft local government law has proposed more powers for local governments including imposition of taxes and control of government land fall in the jurisdiction of the districts/City governments concerned.