PESHAWAR (AFP) - Taliban armed with petrol bombs and rockets attacked a terminal in Khyber on Monday, torching eight tankers used to supply fuel to NATO forces in Afghanistan, officials said. Dozens of fighters launched the attack at Zakha Khel in the tribal district of Khyber before dawn, local administration chief Shafeerullah Wazir told AFP. The tankers had recently returned from supplying NATO troops in Afghanistan, where around 126,000 foreign troops are trying to help the Western-backed government put down a nearly nine-year Taliban insurgency. They hurled petrol bombs, then lobbed rockets and destroyed eight oil tankers, Wazir said. The tankers were on their return journey to Karachi after delivering the fuel, he said. There were no casualties in the attack because there were no drivers or passengers in the tankers at the time, another official, Rehan Gul Khattak, said. There were eight oil tankers parked at the terminal and all were gutted, Khattak said. The attack was launched by Taliban militants, he added. Taliban and other extremist outfits frequently attack vehicles travelling through Khyber on the main NATO land supply route through Pakistan into Afghanistan.