LAHORE The second Wing Chair Tape Ball Cricket Tournament is being played at Royal Palm Club from April 5 to 8 and with 16 teams participating. The contest is on knockout basis, and a total of eight matches will take place on the first day followed by 8 on the second, 4 on the third and 3 on the final day. Each match will be over six overs and the prize money at stake is 200,000 with the winning team getting 150,000. Additionally man of the tournament gets Rs 20,000, best batsman gets Rs 10,000 and a similar amount goes to the best bowler. Featuring in this cricket contest will be players of national standing like Wasim Akram, Umar Akmal, Muhammed Asif, Waqar Younis and Abdul Razzaq and to support them are some cricket players of remarkable ability and talent and they are expected to demonstrate their extraordinary prowess with the bat and the ball. And that includes Saad Amir, six feet five inches tall, a bowler with a bowling run up that reflects power strides which help him to become a nightmare for the batsmen. Besides him Omer Salamat is the man who can maneuver the ball through flicked fingers and whirling wrists and with quite a few such players on the field the cricket is going to tilt the bowlers way. This tournament has generated considerable interest and is going to be watched by a large number of cricket enthusiasts and their families.