2007 July 19: Three suicide attacks in the northwest of the country kill 54 people, including more than 20 soldiers and police officers. The attacks bring to almost 200 the number killed in six days by suicide attacks and attacks in tribal zones and in Islamabad. Oct 18: Bomb attacks targeting two-time former premier Benazir Bhutto kill at least 139 people in Karachi, just hours after she returns to Pakistan for the first time in eight years. She survives unhurt, but is killed along with around 20 people in another gun and suicide attack on December 27. Dec 21: At least 56 are killed in an attack on a mosque in the northwest of the country. 2008 August 21: Twin suicide attacks kill at least 64 people outside Pakistans main arms factory in Wah, near Islamabad. September 20: At least 60 people are killed when a suicide attacker rams a massive truck bomb into the gates of the five-star Marriott hotel in Islamabad. 2009 October 28: A massive car bomb destroys a Peshawar market crowded with women and children, killing 125 people. December 7-8: Four attacks, including two almost simultaneous blasts on a market in the eastern city of Lahore, leave at least 66 dead. 2010 January 1: A suicide bomber blows up a car packed with explosives in the middle of a crowd gathered for a volleyball game in a northwest village, killing at least 101 people. March 12: Twin suicide attacks seconds apart target the military in Lahore, killing 57. April 5: At least 41 people are killed in a suicide attack at a political rally in Timargarah. In a separate assault, militants armed with guns and suicide vests target the US consulate in Peshawar. Four attackers are killed, as well as a police officer and another man. The Taliban claim the attack.