A few hours before the release of UN investigation report on Benazirs murder, President Zardari sent a 'special request to New York that it be withheld for some time. Later our Foreign Minister and other spokesmen of government explained that it was only done to ensure that the UN report also includes input from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Afghanistan, three countries who had, based on their own information, cautioned Ms Bhutto that she might be attacked in Pakistan. President Zardari, they say, is of the view that without input from these three countries, the report would not be conclusive. That President Zardari had originally opted for a UN investigation of Benazirs murder because of some political exigencies is clear to us all. But why didnt he, to begin with, specifically tell the UN to include the so-called 'crucial in put of these three countries if it was so vital? The billion dollar question, though, is that how did the UN investigation report get leaked before officially being made public, much like the examination papers of our Boards get leaked before examinations? -JAVED, Karachi April 4