All politicians deserve our thanks, need to be lauded, congratulated and garlanded for their role in removal of the distortions created in the constitution by military dictators. The 18th constitutional amendment is a historic document of consensus, achieved through the efforts of Mr Raza Rabbani and his committee against very heavy odds. All kudos to them because by doing so, they have regained the much-trumpeted, and often fecklessly so, supremacy of parliament which had been snatched from the people by dictators. Now that the deed is done by collective efforts of all concerned, they better avoid point scoring. Time now to concentrate on the most compelling problems faced by the people. Prime Minister and his four Chief Minister, who have been given a free hand in running the government through this legislation, ought to evolve a well-considered economic and social welfare policy in order to eliminate sufferings of the masses. The common man is wilting under the weight of a multitude of problems they have done nothing to move yet. Poverty, load shedding, price hike, low wages, unemployment and the ever-increasing, too-far inflated utility bills that are sent to the public without providing necessary services such as gas, electricity etc. Remember, without freedom from human wants, no amount of political liberty can satisfy the hungry masses. -RAJA SHAFAAT ULLAH, April 5