The government of Pakistan has decided to devolve Higher Education Commission (HEC) to provinces. The decision to devolve is being implemented without taking into account the existing practices of the developed and developing countries. Since 2002, HEC is playing a crucial role in enhancing research culture in Pakistan and providing quality education. HEC National Digital Library is a programme to provide researchers within public and private varsities in Pakistan access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, articles and e-Books covering many areas of knowledge. Around 75,000 number of electronic content has been made available by HEC Digital Library Programme. HEC assures quality of Higher Education, revises curriculum to meet market oriented needs and international standards and takes research and development initiatives and technological reforms i.e. video conferencing facilities in the varsities, campus management solutions etc. The decentralization would also deprive libraries of the resources of HEC Digital Library and lead the nation to the deep ignorance. The image of libraries and their status will go before the wall. Librarians of Pakistan are being well regarded by their library clients due to the provision of HEC digital resources. The students of M.Phil, PhD do bring the completion of their research work conveniently because of the availability of HEC Digital Library. Many researchers are utilizing HEC digital resources and are able to locate their required material by using multiple search options. If the evil plans of so-called politicians are accomplished then the researchers will face hurdles rather than facilities. Through the HEC Digital Library, there is access to the knowledge of the sea and this access would be over when the commission would be devolved to provinces and researchers from all over Pakistan would have to face a plenty of problems regarding the completion of their theses, dissertations, assignments, research projects etc. The librarians might also lose their esteem that theyve earned by guiding researchers to access electronic journals and electronic books and making their task smooth. All this is happening due to the selfishness of politicians and mean elected representatives. The government of Pakistan is rather no more interested to make Pakistan a prosperous state and doesnt yearn to make her image high in the world. The federal governments of the world including America, Britain, India and Russian allocate budget of research in the disciplines of medicine, science, nuclear energy, petroleum and engineering. Sadly, Pakistani government isnt following the patterns of these countries. HEC has improved the status of the libraries of Pakistan by providing access to electronic journals and books and the same status may become a victim to decline when HEC will be dissolved. KHURRAM SHAHZAD, Lahore, April 5.