In the middle of January, I read a news item in a foreign newspaper, that a comatose patient, being kept on ventilator in an ICU of Mathura Das Mathur Hospital Jodhpur, was nibbled by rodents on ear, lips, cheeks and nose, while the nursing staff kept sleeping. In reaction, the responsible staff was suspended. This story reminds me of some scenes that I have seen in Civil Hospital Hyderabad. In one of these incidents, a nurse was bitten by a cat.

But generally at night, when the hospital is quite and the inside roads are empty, one is scared to walk in because of the stray dogs. Before we experience more untoward incident due to presence of these animals and rodents in our public hospitals, the authorities should hunt them down. Presence of such rodents and stray dogs is one of the basic problems of government hospitals. Although these are basic problems, they should be dealt on priority.


Hyderabad, February 12.