LAHORE - A simple but impressive investiture ceremony was held at Corps Headquarters Auditorium on Friday. Commander Lahore Corps Lieutenant General Maqsood Ahmad, who was the chief guest on the occasion, decorated 102 officers and soldiers with military honours and awards, says a press release.

The honours were awarded to the recipients in recognition of their acts of gallantry, outstanding performances in their respective field and for their long meritorious services.

Posthumous award of Tamgha-i-Basalat was received by next: of kins of Capl Ali Mahmood khan (Shaheed), Capt Muhammad Usman Au (Shaheed), Lt Syed lrtaza Abbas Gardezi (Shaheed), N/Sub Zafar Abbas Shah (Shaheed), Hav Muhammad Asi (Shaheed), Hav Gulzar Ahmed (Shaheed), Hav Muhammad Javed Ahmed (Shaheed) Hav Muhammad Naseer (Shaheed), Hav Muhammad Ashraf (Shaheed), Hav Abdu Sajjad (Shaheed), Hav Muhammad Mansha (Shaheed), Hav Naser Ali (Shaheed), Nazar Hussain (Shaheed), Hav Muhammad Abid (Shaheed), Hav Zahid Javed (Shaheed), Hav Mumtaz Hussain (Shaheed), L/Hav Falak Sher (Shaheed), NIk Afrai lqbal (Shaheed), Nk Ummar Akram (Shaheed), Nk Muhammad Rarnzan (Shaheed), Ntc Umar Daraz (Shaheed), L/Nk Saqib Rehan (Shaheed), L/Nk Maqsood Ahmad Khan (Shaheed), L/Nk Muhammad Arif (Shaheed), L/Nk Tariq Mehmood (Shaheed), L/N Muhammad Rafiq (Shaheed), L/Nk Muhammad Mushtaq (Shaheed), L/Nk GhLIIam Raza (Shaheed), L/Nk Shoukat Ali (Shaheed), Sapper Ratas Khan (Shaheed), Sep Shahbaz Akhtar (Shaheed), Sep Mehboobur Rehman (Shaheed), Sep Hameed Anwar (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Tahir (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Imran Yousaf (Shaheed), Sep Azhar Abbas (Shaheed), Sep Amjad Khurshid (Shaheed), Sep Syed Mustahsun Abbas Bokhari (Shaheed), Sep Ghulam Abbas (Shahee:l), Sep Manzoor Hussain (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Yaseen (Shaheed), Sep Mehar Ban (Shaheed), Sep khalil Ahmed (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Nawaz (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Faheem Akhtar (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Akhtar (Shaheed), Sapper Ghularn Mustafa (Shaheed), Sep Bilal Hussain (Shaheed), Sep Qurban Hussairi (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Mohsin (Shaheed), Sep Azhair Tariq (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Fakhar (Shaheed), Sep Muhammad Ramzan (Shaheed), Sep Hafeez Ullah (Shaheed), Sep Naveed Asghar (Shaheed).

The recipients of the Sitar-i-lmtiaz (Military) included Brig Khalid Mahmood Brig Manzur Qadar, Brig Muhammad Zahid, Brig Sikandar Khan, Brig Umar Farooq, Brig Muhammad Humayun Zafar, Brig Khalid lqbal Farooqi, Brig Muhammad Saleern Soekarno, Brig (retd) Asad Jamal Dar, Brig Syed Azhar Ul Hassan Shah, Gel Munir Ahmed, Col Rizwan Hussain Qureshi, Col Chaudhary Fayyaz Mahrnood, Cot Tang Qasim.

The recipients of the Tamgha-i-lmtiaz (Military) included Lt CoI Sikandar Bakht Sani, Lt Col khizer Hayat, Lt Col Tariq Hanif, Lt Col Abdul QayyLlrn, Lt Cot Tahir Mustafa, Lt Cot Tanveer Ul Islam, Lt Col Nasir lqbal, Lt Col Salahudi:Iin Tariq, Lt Co. Subbah Sadiq Bhatti, Lt Col Musa Raza, Lt Col Muklhtar Ahrnad LI Cot (retd) Asit Zahoor, Lt Col Mrs Arjumand, Lt Col Muhammad Asghar Ali, Lt Gel lmad lqbaIl Gitl, LI Col Sajid Hussain Warraich, Lt Col Muddasir Aziz Raja, Lt Ccl Muhammad Habib Ahmad, Lt Col Siraj ur Rehman, Lt Col lmran Aftab, Lt Col Mrs Ghosia Sultana, Maj Kanwar Shafaat Ali Khan, Maj lmran Safdar, Maj Muhammad Zafar lqbal, Maj Arnir Ghafoor, Maj Syed Ahmed Shujah Shah, Maj Muhammad Ayyaz Qadeer Khan, Maj Muhammad Sohail lqbal, Maj Muhammad Asim, Maj Shaukat Ali and Maj lkram Ultah Khan.

The ceremony started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. It was attended by the General Officer Commanding Major General Shahid Baig Mirza besides a large number of army officers.