KHYBER AGENCY – At least fourteen militants were killed and five troopers martyred in airstrikes and skirmishes between security forces and militants in different areas of Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency on Friday.

In the first operation held in Dwa Toai, Sarai Morcha, Narai Baba, Takhtakai and Stori Khel areas, the forces jets and choppers impounded suspected positions of militants, killing four militants and leaving scores of them wounded, sources said. Two hideouts of the militants were also destroyed in the bombardment, they added.

Civil area also came under the attack and residents of the areas have started evacuating the localities, a local said.

In another incident, arm battle broke out between forces and militants in Aka Khel. Ten militants and five troopers were killed in the combat, sources said. Five army personnel also sustained bullets injuries and were shifted to military hospital, forces officials said.

However, due to lack of communication facilities the casualties could not be confirmed from the militants and other Independent sources.

It is worth mentioning here that last day militants demolished twenty six houses of the members of peace lashkar.