ISLAMABAD – It is a matter of pleasant surprise that how PTV has transformed its transmission since the dissolution of the government.

The sudden change in the News bulletins and coverage of all political parties gives an indication that the state media is not being dictated by the caretaker government. The PTV editorial policy has opened up in the last 20 days. It seems that PTV has declared its self-editorial independence in News since 17th March 2013. Now Arif Nizami being at the helm of the affairs of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and knowing his journalist credentials and struggle. It is hoped that he would fully support PTV in its newfound editorial independence and neutrality.

The PTV is giving equitable coverage and giving all the major political parties fair opportunity, which is quite visible now-a-days from the screen of PTV. One wonders what difference it would have made if the same editorial independence and space could have been given to PTV before 16th March 2013 and whoever has taken this decision needs some appreciation. One can only hope that PTV assumes so much independence that it would be extremely difficult for all the coming governments to restrict and restrain PTV to remain independent.

This fair coverage of the political scene of Pakistan will definitely go long way and make a big difference for all the stakeholders as the people of Pakistan who do not have access to the Cable would benefit the most. One must say that it is another step forward for the free, fair and transparent elections.