PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (Retd) Tariq Parvez Khan on Friday said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was replete with natural resources, which could be used to put the province on the track of prosperity and progress.

“Allah Almighty has bestowed immense natural resources, including minerals, precious and semi-precious stones, fertile soil, favourable climate and water, on the KPK and the need is to utilise these resources for the development of province,” he expressed these views during separate briefings.

The briefings were given to him by the administrative heads of agriculture, livestock, food, mines and mineral development, industries, technical education and housing departments.

The chief minister was briefed on the functions, achievements, issues and measures taken by the heads for good governance in their respective departments.

He said that the authorities of agriculture, live stocks and mineral development should formulate policies to develop these sectors on modern scientific lines aimed to alleviate poverty, unemployment and other social and economic problems confronting the province.

He termed the agriculture and live-stock vital for provincial economy and said that more than 70 per cent population of the province were engaged in agriculture sector and hence due attention should be paid to this sector.

He said it was very unfortunate that everything was all right on official papers but the ground realities were totally different.  Rather, he said the ground realities were very deplorable and directed the authorities to improve the performance of their respective departments and provide public facilities and services.

He said that it was a national tragedy that no one was sincere to his job and profession, which was a big hindrance in improving the performance of govt departments and institutions.

He urged the officers and officials to perform their duties with honesty, sincerity and purity of intentions and make positive changes so that the next generation could feel proud of their performance.

The chief minister directed the concerned quarters to activate the price reviews committees and food inspectors and closely monitor them to ensure the quality and price edibles in the market.

He also directed the concerned authorities to take concrete steps to check illegal smuggling of live-stocks.

The chief minister said that caretaker set-up had no political affiliation and as a government neither we had friendship nor enmity with anybody.

He said the government was following uniform policy for everyone and will treat the government employees equally and they would be rewarded and punished on the basis of their performance.

The CM was informed that practice of transferring government employees on political basis before the completion of their tenure on one post had badly effected the overall performance of the govt departments.

The chief minister assured that no govt employee would be transferred before the completion of his prescribed tenure during the caretaker set-up.

He directed the concerned quarters to take all necessary measure to minimise the loss of wheat during it procurement, storage and distribution.