ISLAMABAD - Federal Law Minister Ahmer Bilal Soofi said that a conference on Law and Economics will be held soon.In a meeting with Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Nadeem ul Haq, who called on him in his office on Friday, it was decided to organise a conference on law and economics within two weeks. The Deputy Chairman Planning Commission floated the idea of conference under the mandate given by National Economic Commission.This conference will be an excellent deliberation opportunity in which leading law and economy experts will present their papers. Its recommendations will hopefully facilitate quick transactions in the economy and thereby leading to higher economic growth. The conference is expected to highlight the legal impediments in economic growth, ordinary transactions, sale purchase, and property buying and selling.In this conference eminent legal and economic experts will be invited to discuss different legal issues hindering the smooth economic growth. Nadeem-ul-Haq emphasized that economic growth is based on ability of the people in open market to buy and sell whereas regulatory and procedural obstructions prevent that from happening and as a result investments in various sectors slow down. The conference is expected to pinpoint such specific legal hurdles.In the end, Law Minister ensured his full support and co-operation in holding this conference and following up its legal recommendations. Several other ideas for legal facilitation of economic growth in country were also discussed.