LAHORE – PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced recruiting one million volunteers for bringing about a change (Tabdili Razakar) for deploying at polling stations to prevent rigging and local influences, and ensure polling of votes for party candidates.He took oath from an assembly of volunteers at their convention on Friday where he unveiled a huge cricket bat, party’s election symbol, amidst dancing workers on the beats of loud music. He announced giving 35-40 per cent tickets for coming elections to youth and challenged that no other party could match this policy. Imran said that the volunteers for change would go door to door, exposing real faces of opponent candidates whose parties plundered national wealth and put the country on the brink of collapse. He said 10 volunteers would be deployed at every polling booth. Imran warned that coming five weeks were very important and volunteers for change should work as frontline guards to bring change in Pakistan. Claiming PTI a force of change, he said that the real face of PTI would become visible after announcement of final lists of tickets as most of existing electables and landlords had been refused tickets, adding, that final list would be announced on April 8th. He said that all volunteers would be given proper training how to motivate the voters for vote and bar rigging and use of money by the opponents. He said that as many as 200,000 volunteers had so far been recruited and within one week it would touch one million figure. Meanwhile, the Isaf Lawyers Wing (ILW) Punjab chapter has threatened to part ways with Imran Khan if they are not awarded party tickets as promised by the top leadership for the services of ILW for conducting successful intra-party polls. Following the promise of the top PTI leadership, the ILW Punjab chapter had sent a 28-member list to them for getting tickets for the general polls. The party’s high command had promised the ILW provincial chapter that lawyers wings would get tickets without the scrutiny of the central Parliamentary Board but when the list of 28 reached to the board they short-listed it and cut its size to 17. However, the party leadership even denied tickets to the short-listed candidates, he said. Shadab Jafferi, former PTI Election Commissioner and ILW President Punjab when contacted Friday confirming the development said, “The ILW not only denied tickets but there was no member of the lawyers wing in the Parliamentary Board, closing all doors for the lawyers community which was on the forefront whether it was movement against the dictator or intra-party polls”. The furious ILW President said, “I and many of colleagues were among the founding members of the party but the Parliamentary Board was marking those as strong candidates who rendered no services for the party and joined it after its October 30 show”. He revealed that son of late Sher Afghan Niazi was put in the list of party candidates from Mianwali by ignoring a founding party member who belongs to the lawyer community as he could not afford the financial cost of the elections. Making a shocking revelation about the credibility of tsunami tickets for the polls, he said that money-barons were making their way into the ticket awarding process and those who could not afford were shown the door. When asked that City President, Aleem Khan despite his pressure tactics had not been entertained by the party’s high command for party ticket, he said that it just one example but he was talking about the larger picture. He warned: I along with my colleagues will not remain part of the PTI if the interest groups are allowed to continue their plans to hijack the party. Confirming that party chief, Imran Khan was denying audience to the ILW, he said the lawyers were not the only segment which was losing hope in the tsunami of Imran Khan but they were many others who were considering to rethink their options keeping in view the fast approaching elections.