Through the courtesy of your column I would like to draw the attention of everyone to the revival of ‘Basant’ in Punjab once again. This was prohibited a few years back due to several deaths caused by the dangerous string used to fly the kites. Punjab government had failed to control the production of this string. Though it is a colorful and lively occasion, where people flew in from several countries to celebrate it, the vicious deaths put a halt to it. Though it brings in revenue for the kite manufacturers and other business the danger to life exists.

We all hope and request that if steps are taken to revive it, then there should be strict adherence to the law followed, which generally does not happen.

In the interest that life is sacred this festival should not be promoted, it also changed colour in Pakistan where many booze parties were celebrated under the guise of Basant. Many accidents happened and people were seriously injured or killed.


Karachi, April 3.