LAHORE – PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif got clearance to contest election from NA-119 Lahore after the Returning Officer concerned okayed his nomination papers during scrutiny here on Friday.

However, the RO has reserved for April 7th, decision on accepting or,otherwise, his nomination papers for NA-120 Lahore.

During scrutiny of the nomination papers of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the allegations of his being convict in the plane hijacking case during Musharraf era were brought to seek his disqualification.

However, Nawaz Sharif through his counsel Salman Aslam Butt and Mustafa Ramday satisfied the RO that the allegations were baseless and unfounded as they have already been quashed by the Supreme Court.

The counsel also pleaded that their client was duly enrolled as a voter in this constituency.

They also contested the allegations that the candidate had illegally occupied the Muslim League House. They produced the documentary evidence to counter the argument and the RO overruled that objection.

The RO allowed Nawaz Sharif to contest election in NA-119. As to contesting election in NA-120, the RO reserved decision for announcement on April 7.

It was also objected to Nawaz Sharif contest in NA-119 that he was guilty of accepting money in terms of Asghar Khan case ,hence, not eligible for the election.

The counsel presented their case on the basis of documentary evidence to establish that no offence against their client has been made out from that case. To another objection that Nawaz Sharif was a bank loan defaulter, Aslam Butt presented the SBP certificate showing Nawaz Sharif was not a defaulter of any loan. As to the NA-120, the counsel sought time to prepare case after the objections raised by Suhail Malik.