The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered Rangers and the police to launch an operation starting today to eliminate ‘no-go’ areas from the Sindh metropolis. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, who presided over the proceedings, passed critical remarks against both the agencies saying that despite heavy budgetary allocation and full powers they could not deliver. He rejected reports by Rangers and the police filed separately on no-go areas, directing DG Rangers and IG Sindh to prepare a joint report clearly defining areas where there was no writ of the government and other forces were active. Justice Chaudhry was displeased over the fact that DG Rangers had not accepted responsibility for the law and order situation worsening day by day. The pity was that an increasing number of girls were being abducted in the presence of law enforcers. What annoyed the CJ and other judges the most was the fact that all three senior officials were giving contradictory statements. The court told them in categorical terms to eliminate the ‘no-go’ areas within a week’s time or else be prepared for punishment.

The court is fully aware of what is wrong and where. Earlier last year, it held daily hearing of a suo motto case and issued a 14-point guideline to improve the situation. It did not work out because of political influence. It is time to act now.