ISLAMABAD – Non-Muslim voters comprise more than 10,000 votes in 98 seats of the National Assembly, given a small margin of victory in past general elections, these votes could play a decisive role in favor of any candidate. However, no attention is being paid by candidates to woo the non-Muslim voters. There are more than 10,000 non-Muslim voters residing in 98 of the 272 national constituencies,and in 107 national constituencies, victory margins were lower than number of non-Muslim voters either in both or in one of the past two general elections. Talking to APP,Syed Zia of Church World Service (CWS) claimed  non-Muslims voters in Sindh had been traditionally under immense pressure to vote for a particular candidate and at times had to accept it due to their poor economic conditions. He said a modus vivendi must be formed between Muslim and non-Muslim citizens on the basis of `live and let live’ though at present non-Muslim voters are discourage to vote. He claimed that Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) of the non-Muslims are either bought or stolen by feudal lords and as a result either their vote goes wasted or cast fraudulently. A number of non-Muslims are homeless laborers who lack a permanent address and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should come up for solution of this perennial problem, Syed Zia said.He asked the political parties to ensure credibility and worthiness of the candidates before nominating them for the reserved seats. He demanded the decision makers to focus more on pro active people from non-Muslim community instead of clergy for solution of their grievances otherwise the aspirations and wishes of non-Muslim community will not be fully reflected in Parliament. He was of the opinion that in more than one hundred constituencies, Christian voters could make a difference. He hoped Christians current position in society would be greatly improved if they are given due share in poltics of the country.Meanwhile, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Dr Zarqa Suharwardy on Friday claimed that her party would sweep the upcoming elections in the country. She said that PTI would introduce competent women on merit against reserve seats of National Assembly. Talking to PTV, she said that PTI’s Women Wing was functioning effectively in politics, adding that her party committed to encourage women participation in general elections.She said that PTI would introduce women on reserved seats on basis of seniority, eligibility and education. She said the workers have confidence in the leadership of Imran Khan.