ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader Naeemul Haq on Friday expressed his concern over the misuse of government resources by the former ministers and urged Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) to take notice of the misconduct by politicians.

In a statement issued here, Naeemul Haq said that the former ministers were still using government residences, vehicles and other state resources in blatant violation of the law. “Despite the fact that the interim federal cabinet has held its first meeting Friday, the outgoing government ministers are not ready to return the government residences, vehicles and other perks and privileges they were using as ministers but no action has been taken against them. This blatant violation of law raises serious questions over the neutrality of the interim government and also it speaks volumes of the influence of the outgoing ministers.

 This might also result in rigging besides making the polls process doubtful if these ministers continue to misuse the state resources,” he said. He said that such practices have been spreading a impression among the public that present government was also a continuation of the PPP led government, adding that the caretaker government has not been paying any heed towards the issue which may result in major rigging during the upcoming elections.

The PTI leader warned that if immediate action is not taken against the outgoing ministers, the PTI would take the matter to a court of law and rallies would also taken out against the misuse of taxpayers money.

The PTI leader said that even after the completion of their tenure, many former ministers were enjoying the government facilities which has raised many questions as to why the authorities concerned have not yet vacate the government residences from former ministers.

He demanded of the CJ Pakistan and ECP chief to take notice of the situation and to get vacate the government residences from former federal ministers.