ISLAMABAD - Australian based Sri Lankan origin International Tennis Federation (ITF) referee Ashita Ajigala spoiled Pakistan's great start against New Zealand in the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Group II home tie against New Zealand at neutral venue of Myanmar, as he awarded the tie to New Zealand sighting poor condition of playing surface.Pakistan had a comfortable 1-0 lead in the tie and Aisamul Haq was leading in the third set 3-0, after the second match was tied at 1-1, when all of a sudden the ITF referee stopped the tie describing the condition of the playing surface is pathetic.In the first match of the day, Pakistan number 1 Aqeel Khan started the proceedings against Artem Sitak. Aqeel won the first match for the country 3-1. In the first set, Aqeel prevailed after a tough contest to win 7-5, but Artem fought back and win the second set 6-3, Aqeel bounced back in style to take the third and fourth sets 6-2, 7-5 to  give Pakistan a perfect start. Pakistan ace tennis player Aisam won the first set in the second match but lost the second, and was leading the third set 3-0, when all of a sudden ITF referee Ashita refused to continue the tie any further and awarded the tie to New Zealand.Some serious question arise with the situation as if the grass courts of Rangoon were not in great shape or players were not satisfied than what was the reason the referee gives go ahead to first match and why he considered the surface unsuitable in the middle of the second match. The reason is very simple, the Australia-New Zealand connection forced the referee to forfeit the tie in New Zealand favour. When this correspondent contacted Pakistan camp in Myanmar to know the actual position, the sources confirmed that it was looking the said official was not hired by the ITF, as he was giving all out support to New Zealand.The sources further revealed that the referee didn't bother to take advice from the ground staff, as there was a very minor 1½ inch hole appeared in the surface, which could have been easily be repaired or the referee could have given that particular match to New Zealand and the next matches should have started today, but referee was in a hurry to allocate the tie to Kiwis.The New Zealand team management immediately flew their two players back to New Zealand to kill any chance of the matches to take place again. It is matter of grave concern for the ITF and a big question mark on their reputation and now they have to take a decision and justice should be done and that could only be done through impartial investigation be made in all this saga. The culprit referee should be banned for life for bringing the game into dispute and either the tie should be continue from same position or the tie should be awarded to Pakistan.ITF somehow had managed in preventing international tennis in Pakistan for the last 6 years or so. The Pakistan Tennis Federation had pleaded the case and managed to win their right of hosting the event at neutral venue, but the referee spoiled the occasion. The referee awarded the tie 4-1 in favour of New Zealand, which is completely injustice not only to the players, federation, game but also to the millions of Pakistanis.When this correspondent contacted some past greats to seek their views on prevailing situation all of them in one voice described whole episode as ridiculous and urged PTF president Kaleem Imam to take up the case with ITF in best possible way.When this scribe contacted PTF president Kaleem to seek his views, he was clearly looking in deep shock. “I am in close contact with the ITF for the last several hours. My players are broken. It is very unfortunate that such a high profile event was marred because of a minor mistake of a certain individual.” He said he had talked to ITF representative Justine Albert and she was very cooperative and assured me best possible help. He said that the PTF would not sit back and would lodge a very strong protest with the ITF and would ensure the justice should be done.It is pertinent to mention here that such kind of drama never happened in the entire history of tennis, when a corrupt and biased official bowing down to the pressure of opposing team awarded the tie to the team which was almost at the brink of losing the tie. The ITF should have kept in mind the link between the referee and New Zealand before hiring the guy for such a prestigious event.