It is clear that Sind caretaker cabinet is not neutral, as some people with known political affiliation have been included. There are at least two nominees from two different political parties, they have been recommended by the same greedy political figures who sold their soul to the devil for ministerial jobs and the numerous benefits. They constantly abused their power, while in government so how can anyone declare this cabinet to be free from politics and neutral?

The sole objective of the caretaker cabinet is to ensure free and fair elections, maintain law and order and give equal opportunity to all political parties to carry out legitimate election campaigns. Extortion rackets, enjoying political patronage, continue to collect more graft money from the citizens of Karachi than that collected by FBR. Public parks and federal state lands have been occupied by land mafia and so many illegal regularization and such deals continue to be overlooked by the caretaker set up. Even at Federal level, there is continuation of same financial policies and irregularities which landed Pakistan on the brink of financial bankruptcy.

All irregular appointments on key financial institutions made during last three months continue. It is business as usual! Men like Tauqir Sadiq, who committed day light robbery totaling Rs82 billion, manage to evade accountability, because of collusion of investigation and law enforcement agencies with powerful corrupt mafia. The ‘Land Mafia Tycoons’ continue to call the shots and decide the fate of a country, where they have been criminally involved in illegal land grabbing. So what real change has taken place, may I ask those who have been sworn to hold fort for less than two months?


Karachi, April 4.