I fail to understand why the caretaker PM has approved an extension in amnesty scheme for smuggled cars, which were deliberately brought into Pakistan without payment of any custom duty and in violation of the constitution? This is supposed to be a neutral government, which must work strictly in accordance with laws and not continue the illegal decisions made by the corrupt former Finance Minister, who in his brief tenure, of just over a month, sanctioned black economy, promoted a culture of tax evasion and in fact encouraged smuggling. The appointment made in haste of men with shady reputations, most holding foreign nationality, to important senior executive assignments in State Bank and National Bank of Pakistan and the Board of Directors of all state owned banks, including those, where Federal Government still holds shares baffled the nation.  The caretaker government instead of taking punitive measures against FBR, which during past five years has created a record deficit in tax revenue collections and during whose tenure over 90,000 containers went missing, this caretaker government has given their consent for all such irregularities, instead of reversing them.

This is an FBR which has failed to collect taxes from a leading land mafia tycoon, who has been declared a tax defaulter of almost Rs 120 billion by FDO, and whose bureaucrats instead of using power of state to collect taxes from over a million identified tax evaders, seeks to give them an amnesty? Are we living in a country or is this a private club for a few corrupt?


Sialkot, April 4.