PESHAWAR - Owing to brutal use of electric current, poisonous drugs and dynamite for fishing, the hunters are destroying precious sea species in the rivers of Swat and Kabul in the jurisdiction of Charsadda.

While the authorities concerned, totally oblivious to the situation, are yet to take action against the responsible people.

Reliable sources told TheNation that the local people were using different illegal techniques for fishing in both rivers.

The barbaric methods include use of electric current from high voltage electric lines, use of dangerous chemicals in river and dynamites in some localities of Shabqadar and Charsadda.

Wajid Ali Afridi, a local journalist, said that using illegal and destructive techniques for fishing was endangering the life of fauna.

He said that the sea species available in these rivers include China Fish, Torakai Fish, Sulemani Fish and Swati Fishes were now endangered due to use of brutal techniques of hunting.

He said that several species have now been disappeared due to large-scale illegal hunting.

He said that the use of chemicals was not only destroying fish species but also killing other water organisms and causing to pollute water.

The major points where people hunting fish include Sar Daryab, Khiali and Shambor areas.

Beside these areas, there are dozen other secret locations where people are busying the round-the-clock for hunting fish through electric current.

The local visitors have also set up huts for hunting and cooking fish in these areas

Musawar Khan, another resident of Charsadda, told TheNation that the techniques used by the hunters are extremely brutal and one could see barbaric killing of fish with current and chemicals.

When asked whether the authorities were visiting the spots to bar hunters from illegal hunting, he replied that no person has so far visited the area to fine those who are involved in this illegal activity.

Though the department of fisheries and wildlife are existed in the KPK but so far they have not taken any serious step to fine these people and bar them from such brutal techniques of hunting.

The authorities concerned termed insufficient staff main reason for failure to eradicate the crime. Before the department’s devolution to the province, there were 39 staff members in the office. Now, this department is run by only one 13 people.

The authorities concerned should raid such locations, which are suspected for this kind of hunting and they should strictly fine those who are involved in the barbaric killing of precious species of fish.

Moreover, the government should also recruit special squad for riverbanks to keep close watch over those who are catching fish without proper licence.