It the last 66 years we have not seen one sincere leader who wanted a better Pakistan. There should have been reforms made that would have steered us on the right track. The main issues remain the same, illiteracy and poverty is the main deterrent to any progress, we have created a wishes circle hard to break.

Private schools provide quality education but for the majority it remains out of reach. The Government schools are so badly run that they barely educate the student, leave alone fulfill the need for an educated Pakistan. When we look back, our previous governments always seemed better than what we have had in the last two decades, but maybe it is the case of having bad memory or less knowledge. The predicament remains that we need someone who cares for the need of the poor. There needs to be a strong government, which has three cohesive sections, all working hard to break the chain of corruption, for Pakistan to have any future.


Karachi, April 3.