GHULAM MURSALIN - Elementary and Secondary Education Department SDEO Ikramullah Khan has called upon the headmasters of primary schools to assign tasks and responsibilities to their subordinate teachers in the enrollment campaign and play their effective role to make it a success.
Speaking at training sessions in Serai Gambila, Gandi, Manjiwala and Minakhel circles on Saturday, he said that the training would prove helpful for headmasters to make the process of enrolling new children in their respective schools easy. “To get enrollment of maximum number of out of school children is our target and all-out efforts will be made to achieve it,” he maintained.
He directed the headmasters to display awareness banners and activate parent teacher councils of their respective schools for persuading parents to admit their kids to schools.
“The teachers should leave no stone unturned to fulfill their responsibilities assigned to them according to enrollment plan,” he added, saying that ESED officials will monitor the field activities and the teachers with best initiatives in enrollment campaign will be rewarded. ADOs, including Qadeer Shah, Saleh Badshah, Hamidullah Khan and Abdul Rehman Rashid, were also present on the occasion.
Meanwhile, a meeting chaired by District Khateeb Maulana Abdul Wahab discussed the role of ulema in the enrollment campaign and decided to extend all-out support to the Education Department in this regard. Prominent religious scholars, clerics and prayer leaders were in the attendance. 
Speaking at the meeting, the district khateeb said that Islam emphasised upon education, as right to education was the basic and fundamental human right.
“We should not deprive our children of their right to education,” he maintained, saying that children are the future of nation and they should be equipped with quality education. He said that the society could be reformed through the spread of education and knowledge.