Islamabad- Awami National Party (ANP) senator Zahid Khan criticized Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for returning to parliament, which Imran Khan had described as bugs and corrupt.

Zahid Khan said that Imran Khan "does not know what he's doing". He asked why Khan "wasted everybody's time" he said while talking to reporters at outside parliament. PTI’s representatives should deny the signatures on resignation, otherwise their resignations should be considered as accepted, added he. "The nation doesn't want politics based on falsehood," he said. "This slogan of bringing change, why was all this drama created?"

 Awami National Party (ANP) senator Shahi Syed said that Pakistan should stay away from Yemen war. Pakistan should not join the Saudi Arabia led allied military action against Houthi rebels in Yemen, he said while talking to media outside of parliament.

The cost of direct involvement in Yemen war would be greater than other alliance, he concluded.