Dhaka - The BCB has decided to pay the PCB $325,000 as compensation for postponing the two tours to Pakistan in 2012. The PCB has accepted the terms but the tour schedule is yet to be announced.

The announcement ended the recent impasse between the two boards after the PCB, in January, had set conditions for their tour to Bangladesh.

After Sunday's board meeting, the BCB president Nazmul Hassan said that the PCB had asked for $900,000 dollars but the BCB weren't willing to pay more than $300,000. Ultimately they are paying $25,000 more.

"We have decided to give 325,000 US dollars to the PCB," BCB president Nazmul Hassan said. "They demanded 900,000 US dollars. We didn't want to give more than 300,000 dollars. I think it will solve the situation. We have come under this agreement. We have let them know in a letter that this cannot be discussed in the future. It has been cleared."

In January, the PCB had demanded 50% of the tour revenue in addition to tours by the Under-19 and A teams. The BCB had responded and said the conditions laid down by the PCB were "not realistic" but later said that they may pay tour costs.