Since parting ways with Prince Harry and the Royal Family last year, it appears that actress Cressida Bonas has done anything but sit around and mope.

On the contrary, the invitations have flooded in. From fashion parties and music festivals, she’s been pictured living the kind of life that most 26-year-olds can only dream of.

She’s bagged herself a modelling contract with Mulberry, starred in a West End stage play and is now destined to act alongside Dame Judi Dench. It seems she definitely doesn’t regret turning down the crown?

In fact, the professionally-trained dancer, ski instructor, actress and model says she’s now having the time of her life. Talking to the The Times, Cressida, Cressie to her friends, revealed that not only is she happily single, but that she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Though she still maintains a close friendship with Princess Eugenie, Cressida has broken free of the constraints that being part of the Royal Family could have put on her career.

From a starring role in a six-week run of the play There’s A Monster In The Lake, to dancing her way through Mulberry’s new Spring/Summer 2015 ad campaign video, Cressie has cut loose.

Calling herself a ‘strong independent woman’ and a ‘lion’ when it comes to protecting those that she loves, it seems we’re all about to see a new version of the once quiet Cressida Bonas.

‘I hope the focus is becoming more about the skills I have,’ she said, referring to her time spent being known as little more than Harry’s girl.

The months leading up to her split from Harry last spring saw rumours hit fever pitch that the pair would imminently announce plans to marry.