Islamabad- Former Interior Minister Rehman Malik has cautioned that Daesh can become  Al-Qaeda of Arab countries, therefore, all Muslim countries should make perception of it.

“Daesh is going to become a colossal threat like Al-Qaeda. Daesh has spilled into other Muslim countries, including Pakistan from Iraq by extending its influence in these countries too. I warn all Muslim countries, if Daesh is not reined in then it will prove Al-Qaeda for Islamic states of Middle East ,” he said this while talking to media men at the gate of parliament today.

“Yemen issue has assumed alarming proportion. The differences had deepened between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, during our tenure. I visited Saudi Arabia, Iran and other counties of Middle East under the order of Asif Ali Zardari and tried to resolve the issue, and we succeeded therein. Pakistan should play the role of mediator in the prevailing situation”, he remarked.

He said “Saudi Arabia is our old friend and it has stood with Pakistan in every trying time. If any threat comes to security of Saudi Arabia then we should also stand behind them. Safeguarding holy places is first and foremost obligation of every Muslim. If any hard time comes God forbid, then Muslims from across the world will stand up for defending them.

Before sending troops to Saudi Arabia, we will have to see first if Saudi Arabia has made any request for dispatching troops or otherwise. Pakistan should take its decision in its own interest and in the interest of Muslim Ummah, he underlined.

“I congratulate Mian Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan on return of PTI to parliament. PTI should play forceful role in National Assembly. I hope this assembly will complete its constitutional term like previous assembly. People talked in different tunes about jirga, during its efforts for resolving 7-month long standoff. We remained steadfast and we achieved success. Judicial Commission has come into being in line with recommendations of Jirga, and both the political parties softened their stances”, he underscored.

“I demand that Judicial Commission should not only see elections 2013, but also probe into rigging in all elections held prior to it,” he stressed.