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New York

In the midst of filming new Bond movie Spectre, leading man Daniel Craig was taken to hospital to repair a knee injury.

The actor, 47, was reportedly in New York - where he lives with his wife Rachel Weisz - last week to have an operation on his leg.

A spokesperson confirmed to MailOnline: ‘During a scheduled break, Daniel Craig had arthroscopic surgery to repair his knee injury. He will rejoin production on April 22nd at Pinewood.’

Daniel was spotted on Monday morning with a weekend bag and was said to be been heading towards the clinic where he was due an operation to repair a small amount of damage to his knee.

‘His body has taken a hell of a battering while filming Bond, because he really throws himself wholeheartedly into a very demanding part,’ a source revealed, according to The Mirror. ‘He took the opportunity to have this surgery done while there was a chance to film scenes in which he was not needed,’ the insider added.

‘He expects to be back to meet his schedule and we are confident he will be fully fit again and there will be no delays.’

Filming was not halted on the new James Bond movie in order for the star to go and have surgery on his knee.

Meanwhile, producer Michael G Wilson has described the recent shoot in Mexico City as the ‘biggest opening sequence we’ve ever done’.

With a release date set for later this year, director Sam Mendes will certainly be feeling the pressure to complete his second Bond movie in time.

The big-budget flick has fans getting excited, with pictures from the various sets of the movie showing high-octane stunt scenes. Earlier this week, a stunt double stepped for Daniel during a high-flying fight scene filmed on a helicopter on location in Mexico City.

The dramatic scene featured the look-alike stuntman in a blue suit fighting with a foe in a tan suit while both balanced on the landing skid of an airborne helicopter. The actors grabbed at each other’s throats, swung punches and kicked while the chopper flew above the Zócalo in Mexico City. Although he wasn’t in the intense scene, Daniel also was in Mexico City recently filming scenes for the 24th Bond film. The fighting sequence reportedly will be the opening scenes for Spectre due out globally on November 6.