Apropos your editorial dated 4 April titled ‘Elite Crime,’ I was shocked that a deranged sons of the elite, with a feudal mindsets, receive special treatment not only in Sindh, but also in Punjab, a province, who’s CM prides himself on his good governance. Be it Shahrukh Jatoi and his colleagues who killed Shahzeb, or those who murdered Hamza, or Mustafa Kanju who killed an orphan Zain, those in power will always be seen favouring the rich and powerful villains of our sick society, instead of innocent law abiding citizens.

How come shooting and spreading terror, in a residential area, is not terrorism, but if a mob, frustrated by useless police and state apathy attacks criminals it qualifies as an act of terrorism? With time there will be threats and intimidation, with state refusing to protect the unfortunate mother, a widow! As long as such injustices exist, people will continue to lose faith in the system and there will continue to be disgruntled young men and women, willing to take up arms, because state has failed to protect them, their honour and their property. Democracy is rule of the people, by the people and for the people, not a vehicle for their exploitation and victimisation.


Sukkur, April 4.