Lahore (PR) - Gymboree Play & Music, a pioneering institution in early childhood development, was launched in Johar Town, Lahore on April 5, 2015. The daylong event included free previews for families with children ages 0-5 years, who were excited to take part in the classes on offer. The children also bought Gymboree’s educational toys and explored the play gym area.

 The event drew in more than 250 families from across Lahore. Parents in Pakistan are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept of early childhood development.  Early childhood development specialist and Chief Executive of Gymboree Ms. Sophia Kasuri told the media that child’s first few years are very important in terms of their physical, mental and behavioural development. She explained how Gymboree works with parents to facilitate social skills and personality development in an ultra-safe and hygienic environment. The proprietary equipment at Gymboree has been especially designed by experts to assist in the development of fine and gross motor skills. Ms. Sophia Kasuri told that Gymboree had successfully completed 5 years of its operations in Pakistan and currently has four centres with the fifth one inaugurated at Johar Town, Lahore.

Cricket star Shahid Afridi was the chief guest at the event and while talking to the media he said that importance must be given towards the early child hood development. Afridi said that programmes like Gymboree help children not only in physical but also in mental growth, it also give them confidence which is very important for a child to excel in every aspect of life. “Children are very important segment of our society it is very important for us to work on their better development so that these children can play their part in the society to their best”, he said.  

 The families present welcomed Gymboree’s unique approach to early childhood education, which concentrates on parent-child interaction. After opening, multiple centres in Lahore and Karachi Gymboree will also be opening branches in Faisalabad as well as Islamabad in the near future.