It is time political parties, state institutions and everybody else respected the mandate given by the people to serve them. MQM has political mandate to represent people of Karachi, as long as it respects law of land and refrains from forming private militias and taking law in their own hand. The same must apply to PPP, PML-N, PTI, JUI, JI, ANP etc. Democracy is rule of laws, not of men or whims of political leaders. Nobody, including paid civil or uniformed bureaucracy should be above law, nor should they demand immunity from prosecution. In fact elected leaders must serve as role models by submitting to supremacy of constitution.

It is also time for our paid civil and uniformed services to perform their designated constitutional duties within confines of law. As long as laws prevail, the writ of state is ensured, otherwise there will be chaos, which is already visible and needs to clamp down with an iron hand.


Lahore, March 11.