Pakistan has been suffering due to dynastic politics it is facts that dynastic politics affects democracy; it reduced election competition among candidates, where party ticket is awarded, not on the basis of merit, but family. When the share of dynastic politics is this high, the level of poverty, illiteracy will be high in a country. There will be low investment in human resource development, education, and healthcare and no social welfare projects will take place to help the poor.

State will fail to provide basic services, pure drinking water, electricity and security to the citizens. Political parties will lack internal democracy, personal assets and wealth will be high, they will use their political power to increase their personal wealth at the cost of poor people’s welfare. Dynastic politics protect status quo and does not promote any reforms. When Pakistan gets rid of dynastic politics and the present rotten parliamentary system and will be run by men of vision and ethics we will see a better Pakistan.


Lahore, March 28.