S:     I’ve decided I’m going to donate all my organs after I die. Can’t believe I haven’t thought about it until now.

A:     I did some research on my own once, and I found most people are scared to do that.

S:     Scared? Why? What do you need kidneys for when you’re six feet under?

A:     Well, there is a religious argument against it, some say. Your body and everything that is in it belongs to God. So just as you cannot take away your own life, you can’t take away your organs and gift them to some one else.

S:     Some one else who is sick and probably near death, who might actually stand the chance of living a full life because of a spleen or a liver or a kidney that you gave them after you’re dead and gone? Come on, Ameen. Don’t tell me you stand for that kind of nonsense. You’re literally giving some one the gift of life. People regularly donate their eyes all over the world. Imagine, giving a blind child the gift of sight. What a beautiful legacy.

A:     I am merely expressing an opinion that exists. Myself, I’m not too sure where I stand but I might be leaning towards donating.

S:     There’s a good lad. I’d say donate everything but that heart of yours.

A:     Why?

S:     Because it’s far too soft. We don’t need another person with that load in their chest.