The Kashmir Watch International (KWI) urge the world powers to ensure immediate withdrawal of Indian troops from Held Kashmir and repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act so as to end human rights violations in the state.

KWI, a world renowned Kashmiri human rights organization, Chairman Mir Sideeque Khawaja said that the time has come to raise plight of one of the most sensitive regions of the world i-e the Jammu & Kashmir state where India is massively involved in human rights violations through its over 1 million troops to suppress the Kashmiris’ indigenous struggle for right to self-determination.

The KWI chairman said that Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of the decolonisation of India. He said that improper and incomplete decolonisation was at the root of the longstanding conflict. Recalling a brief history of the Kashmir conflict, Khawaja said that it was started with the partition in 1947 and international debate and resolutions of UN promised the Kashmiris that there would be a referendum to seek the will of the Kashmiri people.

He said that after more than six decades, the Kashmiris were still excluded from the decision making process. He reiterated Kashmiris’ long cherished demand for early peaceful resolution of Kashmir conflict, which he observed, has lethal potential to develop into a threat to South Asia.

The KWI chairman stressed that it was the need of hour for all peace-loving forces across the world to make collective efforts to ensure the safety of collective future of earth and human race as many leading think tanks and peace organizations have already declared the Kashmir as the nuclear flashpoint of South Asia.