Delhi Chowk, the busiest place in Kamalia, like other markets and bazaars here has been taken over by illegal rickshaw stands and handcart vendors.

Thus, it has shrunk from a wide road to mere a few feet of passable passage. Excessive traffic and walking shoppers in the bazaar are the cause of numerous accidents. Local administration is a silent spectator of the situation while public, social and business associations are facing difficulties due to the situation.

The people protested and demanded that DCO Toba Tek Singh along with TMA must take notice of the matter. The Delhi Chowk is one of the busiest market in Kamalia city. It is run by illegal rickshaw stands and handcart vendors like other markets of Kamalia. Every day, common people face severe problems while walking across Delhi Chowk. Shopkeepers have spread illegal encroachments on footpaths, leaving no place for people to walk.

They have illegally set up parking locations all over Dehli Chowk. Higher authorities have been contacted regarding this situation numerous times but the complaints and suggestions seem to have been dumped in waste bin.

Tehsil Municipal Officer Rana Nawaz said that TMA has conducted operation against illegal encroachments many times. More operations will be conducted soon to clear Dehli Chowk and other markets from illegal encroachments, he added.

Assistant Commissioner Khalid Mehmood Chaudhry stated that illegal encroachments will never be tolerated. He said that he had issued instructions to officials concerned and they will soon take action on the matter. Contrary to statements by the authorities, the citizens are of the view that public has been given false consolations for many times but no action has so far been taken. Public is silenced by false promises temporarily as the higher authorities forget their duties and get busy in some other task. It is a matter of fact that no official has cleaned up the busiest market rather they have only promised the public to do so.