With the attack on Brussels, the EU and NATO Headquarters; a vicious outlook of Islamism has come to the fore that has spurred an uncanny reaction by Muslims who are questioning the fact that why is it that it is only the adherers of Islam who are resorting to violence but the world has not witnessed Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu terrorists per se. Why is it only Muslims who are resorting to use of extreme violence as a weapon to kill others?

We may cite unemployment or illiteracy as factors that lead to violence. However, the scholars and masses of the 'Ummah' have miserably failed to identify the ‘causes and effect’ in case of actions which have led to decay of a Public order.

Sufism offers the vicinal affinity to Muslims in order to identify the truth regarding their power center – now, lost – which can be found in the garb of principles of justice, fairness, equality and unity. The constant decline of 'Islamic States/Kingdoms' over last five centuries harboured a culture of dependency and intellectual decadence as incompetence and corruptness of rulers and ulemas has decapitated the opportunity to go through a process of redeeming the idea of spirituality and learning. Sufism offers an explanation to the contemporary 'crippled' spiritual teachings of Islam we witness, today.

Never was Islam a religion so complex and complicated to follow as it is now days. Among the combination of 20/21 century era of Industrial, Communication, Electronic and Information revolutions; what Muslims needed was a guide or guidance among their community who/which would open the gates of knowledge and prosperity – bringing an end to stagnancy of over five centuries. A development of personality and unity consciousness is required.

Amir Khusro at the time of Khawaja Nizamuddin Chisti brought about a renewal in Islamic spirituality through creation of a packaged and stamped version of spiritual and secular practices intertwined in a manner (read: Ijtihad) that inherently blossomed the principles of brotherhood, love and knowledge which changed the hearts and minds of the locals – serving as an impetus to the extinguishing fervour of Muslims of sub-continent. With the abolition of Ottoman caliphate, it was the Indian Muslims who pursued the matter most vigorously.

This was a time when the Caliphate worked as an Institution of Baiyah i.e. Pledge of Allegiance, the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) - now, lost. This was total elimination of Islamic Public order due to the Saudi-Wahabi crime against the Ummah. Baiyah comes from the people and notables; quite similar in manner of the democratic way of electing ruler/leader. 

The Caliphate symbolized a system of political organization (i.e., Dar al-Islam) that recognized the supremacy of Islam in public life and in the International relations of the Muslim world. Iqbal witnessed the changes occurring rapidly and was the only person at Jerusalem Caliphate conference 1930, who had correctly identified that it was not European colonialism that was working against the Asian Nations. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal had the vision to warn that the worst dangers facing Islamic civilisation were not the nefarious designs of Zionism, the greed of the imperial powers, and so on, but atheistic materialism and territorial patriotism.

Muslims in Pakistan have come to regard the institution of Army as their patrons and have divested the factor of accountability from the 'Patron' Authority i.e. Army. Unless these practices are resisted, decay in Islamic society would set in and intensify as mistakes are made on different, various issues outside the precinct of Army's reach. It was Iqbal who spoke of 'Khudi' i.e. concept of Man as the Khalifa, who has the gift of Individual Sovereignty.

Does the history of Islam embody the concept of an Islamic state? Yes and No. The four Righteous Caliphs were elected through four different ways. This is an important mechanism in pointing out similarity between Qur'an, Constitutionalism and Democracy. It is to note here that Islamic teachings take into account the nature – considering Allah as the 'Al-Maalik’ i.e. the Sovereign and Supreme.

With the removal of Caliphate from Arabia and in restoration to Constantiople i.e. Istanbul; the protestant version of Islam i.e. Wahabism emerged to destroy the fabric of Islamic Unity by revolting against Ottomans on British instigation in order to establish their own legitimacy. Though, it is Turkish Muslims who should offer an apology to Orthodox Christians for desecrating their Holy Place i.e. Haga Sophia and, the Holy City of Constantinople. Turks oppressed the Eastern Orthodox Christians by taking their men as slaves and capturing their women for the 'harems.' These actions were utter betrayal to Islamic perception of governing people; a criminal negligence which emerged through hereditary form of power structure. In consequence, Muslims lost any potency left to resist the western rival in the span of fifteenth to twenty-first century. The World of Islam is today without power. A possible conclusion is that the institution of the Caliphate, which forms part of Dar al-Islam, is indispensable for the restoration of power.

Contemporary Islamic scholarship has no answer to the emergence and establishment of a secular, atheistic Euro-Jewish state of Israel in the midst of Islamic nations. This is similar to establishment of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and allies at the seat of the Caliphate and in the very heart-land of Islam, which paved the way for the secularisation of the system of political organization of the Muslim world.  And since it was governments of secular nation-states within the Muslim world that would now represent the world of Islam, the implication was that Islam would no longer be supreme over public life or over the international relations of the Muslim world. Qur'an does not constitute all Jews as hostile. In fact, Qur'an also regards them as People of Book. Instead of resorting to an alliance with the moderate, orthodox Jews; Muslims demanded the League of Nations to block all Jews from entrance to Wailing Wall after World War 1. This inane and inapt development occurred at a time when Muslim Leaders had gathered in Jerusalem for Global Caliphate Conference – a city (mentioned in Al Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-96) which was then under British control and influence; thus, proving in essence to be a wrong decision.

Here, debate emerges that does secularism as an approach 'fits' the parameters of the Sufistic teachings on the basis of highly prioritised notions of tolerance and democratic equal rights ?  Sigmund Freud ignored the metaphysical aspect of the link between dreams and spirituality. Secularism inhibited in atheistic form ignores the aspect of spiritual. 'Western civilisation is not universal but a unique one,' states Samuel Huntington in his book, 'The Clash of Civilisations.'

It appears as though the world of Islamic scholarship had lost sight of the firm relationship that the Qur'an had established between `power', `freedom' and `faith'. Muslims need to align with the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (Baiyah i.e. Pledge of Allegiance is an institution) to identify the points where they need to educate themselves in personal and communal capacity. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, a prominent Islamic scholar from Pakistan, argues that the root cause of terrorism that is being committed by some Muslims today is the religious thought which is being taught in Muslim madrassas and being propogated through their political movements. Almost every single madrassa and religious scholar is teaching the four main doctrines in the religious thought.

The four main doctrines: (1)    Polytheism, kufr or apostasy committed anywhere in the world are all punishable by death and 'we' have the right to implement the punishment. (2) That all non-Muslims are meant to be subjugated or that none other than Muslims have the right to govern and that every non-Muslim government is illegitimate which will be overthrown whenever they will have the capacity. (3)  That all Muslims should be under the rule of a single Islamic government called the Caliphate. That the independent states have no legitimacy. (4) Modern nation-state is a form of kufr and there is no room for Islam in it. Now, these four points are basic tenets of our current political thought.

Ghamidi argues that unless we replace the current political thought with true Islamic narrative, such people will continue to emerge – one after another. Ghamidi’s stresses further in his book Islam and the State: A counter-narrative; he highlights the importance to institute three measures or else the current state that is prevalent in Middle East will transform into a living hell for rest of the world. The same thing was apprised regarding Afghan Jihad.

It is vital to institute the three measures: (1) Training Muslims in the counter narrative is a must i.e. the real narrative of Islam against the extremist narrative (Ten points are written in the book). (2)   To acknowledge that the education system of religious seminaries violates the basic human rights. Specialised education cannot be forced on any child. It is the very basic right of child to have twelve years of broad based education. For this, civil society must prepare itself and people must educate themselves. The Muslim governments should be forced not to allow any institution to take students for specialization before twelve years of broad based education. (3)    Friday pulpit is not meant for religious scholars. It is the domain of the state.

Though Pakistan will not become a secular, liberal and democratic society over the night; steps taken by Nawaz-led Government will pave way to further pursue the ‘representation’ purpose and avoid 'fixation' which requires inculcation of ideas of discipline and organisational structure for ministers and stakeholders; which breaks the tradition for lack of introduction to democratic reforms into the political parties who had been captive to the vested interests of few. Vanguards i.e. the political leadership, should capitalise on mission of embarking from failed political cause to responsible stewardship, through materialisation of processes that significantly support their constitutional battle; despite lapses in struggle apparent in lack of modulative practices and a weak legitimate functional base.  Muslims of the sub-continent struggled to achieve a republic where they would secure and protect their socio-economic interests within the contours of a political system.  This has not deemed to be realised yet, fully. Existing Political system needs to be reconfigured on lines of projecting power and authority to institutional framework. This ensures that the civil political leadership emancipates democratic practices in such manner that fosters an entire set of pillars of the state. Otherwise, the status quo will remain in favour of self-proclaimed patrons. All elections under the Pakistani Constitution, other than those of prime minister and the chief minister, shall be by secret ballot,” reads Article 226. This ensures that the leaders are accountable.

Onward from military alignments that occurred in October 2011 due to Syrian Inferno to the current Ceasefire Peace Plan in Syria reflects an entire subject within Sufistic Islamic concept of Tasawwuf that draws interpretation of Holy Qur'an and Sunnah beyond literal means. It is the Islamic eschatological framework that incorporates the Quranic injunction along with the traditions of Holy Prophet and Sufistic teachings. Qur'an contains a chapter named as 'Romans' which is about how Allah Almighty gives life after death in context of structure/law of nature. It reflects the status of Russia as the measure in terms of symbolic interpretation of Allah's might and power based on eschatological framework. Speaking about 'Days of Allah', it is nature that provides man the tools for criteria in terms of distinction during decision-making. Imposing Shariah Law like Brunei Darussalam will not suffice in implementing true Islamic teachings. Moral law is the highest law. The soul of Christian Russia is spiritual. Putin's Christian Russia has emerged as a strong contender as new power bloc on the international horizon after downfall of atheist Soviet Union. Russian withdrawal from Syria to uphold the Peace Plan is a positive step towards a just and fair solution to Syrian War. Muslims in their capacity need to enhance their knowledge and personality base.  This will be the means to an end.

The institution of the Caliphate symbolized the supremacy of Islam over the state and over public life. It can be argued that Brunei Darussalam has become a territory in which that Jam'aah is located which is designated as Dar al-Islam; though, hereditary form of power structure exists which corrupts the criteria of selection. According to an eminent Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein, it would be, potentially, correct to assert that the basic difference that existed between pre-Hijri and post-Hijri Islam was the establishment by the Prophet (PBUH) of Dar al-Islam (the Islamic Public Order) in Madina. The challenge before the Ummah today is plain and clear. It is to attempt to repeat the original movement of the Ummah and, thus, to travel from Makkah to Madina once again.  It is imperative that Muslims be aware of the history of collapse of the Caliphate and its replacement, in the heartland of Islam, by the Protestant Saudi-Wahhabi nation-state.

It was, perhaps, with particular reference to this age, that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is reported to have said:

"Whosoever dies without having witnessed (during his lifetime) (the institution of) Baiy’ah(the oath of allegiance by the people through which an appointment to the position of leadership over the Ummah is legitimized) has certainly died a death of jahiliyah (i.e., a death in an age which has witnessed the return to the pre-hijri jahiliyah)".

It is therefore inherently important to articulate anew the provisions of the Islamic Public Order (Dar Al-Islam) similar to the Ijtihad practices of Sufis like Amir Khusro who integrated the Indian, Persian, Turkic and Arabic culture according to the guidelines of Islamic principles and teachings. This will involve re-invigoration, revitalization, refurbishing, revamping, relinquishing, reforming and reproducing the systemic and institutional approaches to symbolic interpretationism regarding the Islamic conception of an international order, and to demonstrate their clear superiority over the secular rival which has emerged from western civilization. Power cannot be restored without the liberation of the Haramain and the Hajj from the control of the 'Protestant version of Islam' – which participated in the destruction of the Caliphate. The Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina need to be secured and protected by a Core State among Muslim Nations. 

AIPAC is actively lobbying congressman to support Israel in order to shape US policy in favour of Israel and assure military support. What is good for America, is it necessarily also good for Israel? Netanyahu addressed Congress without approval of President Obama.  This replicates the scenario of Pro-Israeli stance on illegal occupation with the claim that sovereign nation have right to settle issues themselves. AIPAC has corrupted Israel, teaching it that everything's permissible. Highest law is the moral law. There's no rational explanation for such behaviour. It is said that when AIPAC weakens, Israel will grow strong- morally. Strong support of AIPAC's stance itself contradicts American interests and values. The world's most financially supported state, which is also best at whining and playing the victim:  Is Israel the neediest country in the world? After all, it's also a military power, in a region where there are virtually no real armies left; so why should all that weaponry go to Israel, of all countries? Why did Bernie Sanders, the only Jewish candidate, not attend AIPAC conference where Pro-Israel supporters had gathered for applause together with praise for Mid East's only democracy?

France recognises Palestine and it gets attacked shortly after by ISIS. Japan recognises Palestine and two of its nationals get kidnapped and killed shortly by ISIS. Indonesia funds a hospital in Gaza and shortly after gets attacked by ISIS. Belgium sets a meeting to debate the HR's of Palestinians and gets attacked shortly after by ISIS. The ISIS terrorists have never sought to resist Israeli occupation. How many more attacks have to take place before the world fully understands that ISIS is run by Israel? Jews, according to Abrahamic belief, were given punishment of banishment from the city of Jerusalem for violating divine commandments.  Kurds are a secular, liberal and democratic force to be reckoned with; as they successfully destroy the established strongholds of ISIS. Their presence defies the man-made principles. Nature favours Kurds as Americans and Russians have provided them all the necessary support- even against Turkish concerns.

According to a Press TV report; UNHRC has adopted resolution that calls for setting up a database of businesses involved in activities in Israeli settlements in the Palestinian occupied territories. The movement has irked the Tel Aviv regime and its major ally Washington. The Geneva based council on March 24, adopted the resolution presented by Pakistan with 32 votes in favor, none against and 15 states, mostly European nations, abstaining. Pakistan argued that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Al Quds i.e. Jerusalem and Golan Heights violate International law.

In the modern world, only two countries have come into existence in the name of religion. One is the emerging secular, atheist 'Euro-Jewish' state of Israel. The second country is Pakistan, an Islamic republic. Time and again, similarities in their means of existence have been discussed. Pakistan's PML-N government seeks to adopt a liberal stance as a part of struggle to induce democratic reforms and principles in the nation. Israel has attempted to establish her credibility and credentials as the sole democratic state in the Mid-East. Pakistan's passport exclusively denies the legitimate existence of the state of Israel. The nuclear status of Pakistan is also an impediment. What terms of understanding will Pakistan and Israel reach to ensure mutual existence?

In time, it will be realised that the strange development of sidelining Israel at hands of US/UN Security Council members in Iran nuclear deal was part of international politics intertwined with complex nuclear politics. Ahead of 2016 US Presidential Elections, South Asia (or more accurately, AfPak) region will be treated as part of the Greater Middle East. These 2016 US Preseidential Elections will be about Security of Israel. The 2012 US Presidential Elections major debate was regarding the AfPak region. Iran Nuclear deal 2015 ahead of 2016 US Presidential elections are identical to UBL Fiasco 2011 ahead of 2012 US Presidential Elections in the sense that both cases serve the same purpose.

The case is being built but in intervals, the file of Pakistan is put aside. Potentially, it will be utilised at some point in time against Pakistan's nuclear status. At the World Nuclear Security Summit, Pakistan sought acceptance as a responsible nuclear state.

US State Department spokesman earlier said that: 'The United States has full confidence in the Nuclear security in Pakistan.'  Sehar Kamran, the President at Centre for Pakistan and Gulf studies (CPGS) and a Senate member on Standing committees on Defence, Defence Production, Human Rights & Federal Education and Professional Training; states in her article in The Nation:

'The unfortunate truth is that all of Pakistan's achievement and compliance with best practices become redundant when it continues to face policies based on discrimination, exceptionalism, ungrounded assumptions and malicious intentions. As a result, Pakistan's substantive efforts to promote the goals of non-proliferation, disarmament, have always been less appreciated and reciprocated by major nuclear powers, while a skewed support for Indian strengthening of its military continues unchecked. Denying Pakistan access to the International Nuclear Export arrangements while giving preferential treatment to India has significantly upset the regional strategic balance. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear weapon state...'

It has to be noted that Iran and Cuba have reached historical deals with United States in past months while North Korea has been targeted further through tougher sanctions. These three countries (Iran, North Korea and Cuba) were never a part of nuclear summit in the past. EU's tough stance on Israeli policies will be swayed in the course of Islamist terrorism onslaught. Pakistan should ensure that these Islamists are rooted out.

This requires sensible and intelligent policy-making by the Islamabad regime. National Security Adviser (NSA) Lieutenant General (r) Nasir Janjua has said that increase in Indian defense and atomic power is a threat to Pakistan’s stability. While addressing an international conference pertaining to international peace, Janjua said that none is safe in this world now, irrespective of region and time. Pakistan is an emblem of peace despite all challenges and destruction, while armies of the foreign powers left Afghanistan in chaos due to which Pakistan is enduring the aftermath. While talking about Indo-Pak relations, he urged the international powers to stop cooperation with India in defense and atomic sector and end partial behavior with Pakistan. Those who try to find solutions using their power need to turn to table talks, where the states need to reconcile and move forward with diplomacy in order to eliminate extremism and terrorism; vowing that Pakistan would go to lengths to maintain peace.