Reading habits and effort to seek knowledge are those qualities that advanced nations have. Although we are living in advance era of internet and computer but we cannot break our relationship with books. In Europe and other advanced areas books, magazines and newspapers are being published in millions daily and people buy and read them with interest. They don’t spend all of their time on television or mobile but they give much time to books and newspapers that is I think cause of their success.

In Pakistan most of the people are illiterate cannot even able to write their names. Book reading culture is not much promoted in our society. Libraries are abandoned and not visited much. People like to spend their time on mobile and watching tv.

I think if we want to prosper and compete with other countries then we should at least try to follow their path to success ,that is honor of knowledge and love of reading books.

We should promote library culture and enhance our young generation to read books and newspapers.


Kotli AJK, March 8.